You are in the right place!  Our Euskal Oiloak forum is just over a month old and has over 1000 posts already, many with gorgeous photos of peoples flocks, of all ages!  It seems I am not the only one that is finding this remarkable breed a delight to own!

I am excited because I am no longer moving from the farm and have just set about 30 Marraduna Euskal Oiloa eggs under 3 broody hens, 2 Lavender Ameraucanas and 1 Partridge Chantecler.  I will post pictures when we get some from our two lines!  Thanks for reading, and don't be shy.  It is a great friendly group on the forum and lots of group knowledge and discoveries going on ;-)

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    I am a chicken lover (known as Claire Smith or Skeffling Lavender Farm) in Ontario who has had Euskal Oiloa chickens since 2008 and love them! 

    I don't usually organize things, but as these friendly birds are so rare, I wanted to make sure no information was lost and decided to make this site!


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