Blondie our 3 year old Euskal Oiloa hen scratching for bugs!
Hi Everyone.  Great so see so many on the new Euskal Oilaok forum from the USA, Canada and Spain.  We are getting more information in leaps and bounds, new Spanish links and sites to google translate all the time!  Now we know Oiloak is the plural of oiloa (chickens in Basque)! ;-)

I want to put this pdf file in here with the Skeffling Lavender Farm Euskal Oiloa lineage and photos of all our breeding birds.  More than a few birds will have come from our original trio and I have kept track as well as a newbie could! 

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Enjoy the site and all the new information we will post as soon as we discover it!  And if you are Basque and know about the Euskal Oiloa breed we'd really love to hear from you!   Have a great night!


    I am a chicken lover (known as Claire Smith or Skeffling Lavender Farm) in Ontario who has had Euskal Oiloa chickens since 2008 and love them! 

    I don't usually organize things, but as these friendly birds are so rare, I wanted to make sure no information was lost and decided to make this site!


    June 2012
    October 2011
    August 2011
    July 2011
    May 2011



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