Welcome to the Euskal Oiloa Blog and Website.  A group of Euskal Oiloas Lovers have come together to collect and preserve information on this productive friendly chicken breed in Canada.  Since  2008, Canadians have had the chance to own this extremely rare and unusual heritage chicken breed.  With a recent entry into the US in early 2011, the population is increasing across North America!

We are moved to share how great the Basque Hens are.  They are incredibly friendly, and the Marraduna (brown stripe) variety has a very rare barring gene only found in the Cantabrian Coast.  They are fine layers of large shiny pale to mid brown eggs and the roosters are a good size for meat, making this a wonderful hardy Dual purpose breed.

So enjoy the site and the Euskal Oiloa Chicken Forum!  I am sure we will be adding more information as we have it. Comments are most welcome, we have a contact page and an active forum to ask questions, make connections and share your experiences with this wonderful breed. 

We will add to the list of breeders and maybe possibly owners to help us keep track of the Euskal Oiloa in North America.  Please bear in mind when contacting breeders, the chickens aren't necessarily segregated for breeding year round, as they thrive on free ranging and it it nice for them to have some freedom in the summer.  Due to the extreme rarity, you may find yourself on a waiting list, but it will be worth the wait! :-)

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    I am a chicken lover (known as Claire Smith or Skeffling Lavender Farm) in Ontario who has had Euskal Oiloa chickens since 2008 and love them! 

    I don't usually organize things, but as these friendly birds are so rare, I wanted to make sure no information was lost and decided to make this site!


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